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  • According to Trump's CMS division, the average unsubsidized premium for federal ACA exchange policies (ie, 39 states on HealthCare.Gov) in 2017 is $476/month.
  • Across the 21 states I've compiled data for so far, the average requested rate increase for ACA-coimpliant individual market policies in 2018 is around 34%.
  • Of that 34%, roughly 19% of it on average is due specifically to concerns that Cost Sharing Reduction reimbursements won't be made by the Trump administration next year.


(sigh) Yes, this is the second time I've used the same headline and clip.

According to The Hill, just moments ago:

WH to Dems: We’ll continue paying ObamaCare subsidies

The Trump administration has told Democrats it will continue paying controversial ObamaCare insurer subsidies, lowering fears that a fight over the issue could cause a government shutdown.

The move marks something of a shift for President Trump, who had threatened earlier this month to withhold the subsidies, known as cost-sharing reductions, as a way to move Democrats to negotiate on a healthcare overhaul.

"A shift"? He shifts so often he should be in the next Fast & Furious movie.

Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-Calif.), for one, said Wednesday that he doesn’t trust the president enough to take him at his word.

You don't say.

Hot off the presses:

A new Kaiser Family Foundation analysis finds that the average premium for a benchmark silver plan in Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplaces would need to increase by an estimated 19 percent for insurers to compensate for lost funding if they don’t receive federal payment for ACA cost-sharing subsidies.