HealthCare.Gov enrollment total: 5.39M confirmed, likely over 6 million actual

On Wednesday, CMS's Week 5/6 Snapshot report confirmed 4,015,709 QHP selections via the federal exchange (, but also noted that "over 700,000" additional ACA enrollments came in on Monday and Tuesday. About an hour ago, President Obama confirmed a 1-day record-breaking 670,000 people signed up yesterday alone. A press release from the HHS Dept. was also just released stating:

  • On Monday, over 325,000 Americans selected plans on On Tuesday, over 380,000 Americans selected plans on This marked two of the biggest days in history.

Unfortunately, there's no hard numbers for Sunday or Wednesday, but I have a pretty good idea where they fell:

  • Confirmed through 12/10/16: 4,015,709 (Note: If you add up the individual state numbers, they're 360 higher...not sure which is correct)
  • Estimate for 12/11: 220,000 (?)
  • Confirmed on 12/12: 325,000
  • Confirmed on 12/13: 380,000
  • Estimate for 12/14: 450,000 (?)
  • Confirmed for 12/15: 670,000

Add them all up and that's 5,391,069 confirmed QHP selections via HealthCare.Gov, and another 670,000 estimated on Sunday & Wednesday combined. If that's accurate it sould add up to around 6.06 million. Even if I'm overshooting slightly for those 2 days, we should still be looking at 6 million people.