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BOOM: Pres. Obama confirms record 670K QHPs via yesterday alone

Some guy, 5:12pm last night:

So, how about my projections? Well, for today specifically (12/15), I've been assuming roughly 700,000 QHP selections nationally (540K via plus 160K via the dozen state exchanges), bringing the cumulative total up to 7.70 million nationally.'s one-day enrollment record was set exactly a year ago today (12/15/15), when they enrolled 600,000 people in a single 24-hour period. I've been assuming that fewer people would enroll today specifically this year, if only because so many current enrollees have been actively renewing earlier than in the past; I figured this would've taken some of the heat off of the final day, so I knocked 10% off of the top.

Instead, it looks like I may have underestimated today's haul. The federal exchange could conceivably hit 700K today, and the national tally could potentially hit 800K or so. Then again, if they announce a deadline extension, some of that might spill over into the weekend.

Just a moment ago, President Obama confirmed that "over 670,000" people selected QHPs via HealthCare.Gov yesterday alone. Not quite 700K, but still 12% higher than last year's one-day record.

Combined with Covered California's just-announced 23,000 enrollments yesterday alone, that's 693,000 confirmed for 40 states. I'm estimating when the other 10 states + DC are added in, the grand one-day total was likely close to 800,000 people.