Connecticut: 113.2K QHPs thru 12/17

The last hard enrollment number I had for Connecticut was 108,105 people enrolled through December 13, just 2 days before the original deadline for January coverage. However, like most states, CT bumped their deadline out an extra few days, so they ended up with 4 more days to sign people up before the January cut-off. It turns out they tacked on another 5,000 people in that time:

Access Health CT, the organization responsible for enrolling people in Obamacare, did not release numbers on how many people are enrolled in policies that take effect Jan. 1. Instead, they released a combined number of who's enrolled now and who will be enrolled next year: 113,161.

...Access Health CT noted that nearly 12,000 people who are currently enrolled are in plans that will not exist next year and are therefore not covered. They can still re-enroll, but they'll have a gap in coverage in January.

At this point in 2015, 100,314 people were scheduled to have Obamacare insurance coverage on Jan. 1, 2016.

There were 9,943 new customers this year, and about 11,000 during last year's first phase of open enrollment.

This brings Connecticut up to 94% of my/their target of 120,000 enrollees (their official target was stated as 115K - 125K; I split the difference).

UPDATE: Another article in the CT Post breaks out the new/renewal numbers:

In total, about 113,000 people — including 25,000 new customers — have signed up for coverage through the marketplace so far. That’s about 5 percent more than last year.

OK, so that's roughly:

  • 88,161 renewals
  • 25,000 new enrollees
  • 12,000 current enrollees who could still potentially actively renew in a different plan