Colorado: 50.2K total QHPs thru 12/13; DC: 2,896 *new* QHPs

Hmmm...the Colorado exchange hasn't issued an official enrollment update since the end of November, when it stood at 37,142 QHPs.

Today, in an article about the overall national numbers (mainly noting today's Week 5/6 Snapshot report), Kimberly Leonard of U.S. News & World Report cited a number I haven't seen elsewhere; I presume she simply called up the exchange directly. It seems about right to me:

Open enrollment began a week before Election Day, and several states reported that they didn't begin running ads until after that, saying they didn't want to compete with the attention the election was getting and noting that space sold during that time was particularly expensive.

That was the choice for Colorado, where enrollment is 16.3 percent higher than last year, totalling 50,207 people.

In addition, Leonard provides a couple of quick updates/corrections for some other states:

In Minnesota, enrollment through the MNsure exchange reached 43,256 on Dec. 12, more than double the 17,678-count on Dec. 8 last year. In the District of Columbia, 2,896 new customers have enrolled this year compared to 1,294 new customers at the same time last year.

In Connecticut, enrollment is about 3 percent higher this year than last. Total enrollment by Dec. 13 was 108,105, while last year it took until Jan. 19, 2016 to reach similar figures, according to a spokeswoman at Access Health CT.

I actually have slightly newer data for Minnesota, but that's the first data of any sort I've heard out of DC (unfortunately they don't include the renewal number), while the CT figure is slightly lower than what I have as of the same date (109,582). Presumably this will become moot within the next few days anyway.