Colorado: 22K QHPs added in the past 2 days; at least 72K total

The following press release just came out from the Colorado exchange:

CEO Blog: Record Setting Day for Connect for Health Colorado®

We did it! We met the very important December 15 deadline with positive energy and in my opinion, we knocked it out of the park! We’ve seen some very impressive numbers with 10,000 plan selections on Wednesday. And on Thursday we processed more than 12,000 plan selections! Thank you for your tireless efforts supporting our customers.

With the volume that we are seeing, we want to reiterate that we are committed to assisting customers with January 1 coverage who began the process by midnight December 15. If customers are delayed, they should call our Customer Service Center for assistance before finalizing their enrollment. Our established process for requesting an alternative start date can be used to facilitate this.

Unlike and several of the state exchanges, Connect for Health Colorado is not extending their deadline officially (although, as noted above, they're willing to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis). As such, yesterday is likely to be their biggest day of the season, although it's possible that January 31st will come close (that's the final Open Enrollment deadline...and given that Donald Trump and the GOP may very well have already started the ACA repeal process by that point, it's conceivable that "final" will take on extra meaning this time).

If you add the 22K from Wed/Thu to the 50,207 reported by Kimberly Leonard the other day, that's a total of at least 72,207 QHP selections to date.

It's possible that a couple thousand of these are standalone dental plans, as Colorado has a tendency to mix those in with their press releases...but it's also likely that a day or two of enrollments are missing in these numbers, so I'd say 72K is about where they're at.