California: 308K QHPs in 15 days* (45K new enrollees)

Covered California, the largest ACA exchange outside of HealthCare.Gov, just held their board meeting and released some key enrollment data for the first couple of weeks of the 2017 Open Enrollment Period:



Individuals have selected health care plans as of November 15, 2016. This enrollment reflects a period in which Covered California did not conduct media or enrollment promotion until after November 12th .

Compares to approximately 50,700 for same period 2015 (when Covered California had conducted extensive media and “bus tour” efforts to promote enrollment).

OK, so new enrollments are down about 11% from last year, but as they note, they deliberately held off on actively promoting/advertising until after the election this year.

In a pleasant surprise, 



Covered California member renewals from Oct. 1 to Nov. 15, reflect both changes of plan and consumers who affirmatively renewed with their existing plan.

It's important to note that unlike other ACA exchanges, CoveredCA was so confident of themselves this year that they allowed current enrollees to renew or switch to a different policy a solid month early (starting on 10/01/16).

Add them up and you get 308,347 people who have selected QHPs for 2017 as of 2 days ago.

The slideshow also reiterates that there's appx. 1.3 million people currently enrolled in effectuated policies at the moment, so that leaves around 1.04 million who could still potentially renew/re-enroll their policies.

In addition, CoveredCA is one of the only exchanges which actually reports their SHOP (small business exchange) data...around 30,000 enrollees:

  • Current Group & Membership Update (10/31/16)
  • Groups: 3,979
  • Members: 29,544
  • Average Group Size: 7.4 members

With CoveredCA's 308K, I've now confirmed just under 1.4 million exchange enrollees nationally, leaving about 300K or so via the unknown state exchanges (NY, MD, WA etc).