Maryland (exclusive): 107.5K QHPs, 132.4K Medicaid; 110-115K final??

This is something of an exclusive: I've received official notice from the Maryland Health Connection exchange that as of last night, their enrollment totals stood at:

  • 107,586 QHP selections
  • 132,392 Medicaid/CHIP enrollees
  • 239,978  Total

How's this compare vs. prior weeks?

Not as dramatic of a surge as some other states, but then again, with today's update, Maryland is already 2% higher than my target number (105K), which was in turn 19% higher than the HHS Dept's target number (88K), which itself was 30% higher than their 2014 total (67,757).

Even if MD holds steady at 880/day for the final 3 days of Open Enrollment, they'll still end up breaking 110K...and my guess is that they could end up doubling or even tripling that rate, which means 115K is conceivable.

In short, Maryland and Massachusetts, which had two of the worst-performing exchanges last year, have both done complete 180 turns and are kicking major butt this year.