• QHP: Qualified Healthcare Plan. These are ACA-compliant healthcare policies which may be purchased either via the Exchanges or Off-Exchange.
  • SHOP: The ACA's Small Business Health Options Program. Basically this is similar to the individual/family exchanges, except for small businesses. Only available in a handful of states right now, but the policies purchased via the SHOP program are fully ACA/QHP compliant.
  • Woodworkers: People who already qualified for Medicaid even before the ACA expansion rules kicked in (even in non-expansion states), who have enrolled since 10/1/13 but didn't prior to that due to either not knowing they qualified, not knowing how to enroll, being embarrassed/fearful of a stigma for signing onto Medicaid, etc. These people have been "drawn out of the woodwork" since October to enroll. Hard to quantify since it involves guessing at individual motive, but definitely there from the increase of Medicaid tallies even in non-expansion states.
  • #OE1 & #OE2 (Open Enrollment 1 & Open Enrollment 2): #hashtags that I'm hoping will trend in order to distinguish the 2015 ACA Open Enrollment Period from the 2014 period.