REMINDER: 2020 Open Enrollment is STILL HAPPENING for 20% of the country!

The 2020 Open Enrollment Period may have ended (for real this time) for HealthCare.Gov and some other states, but it continues for residents of 8 other states plus the District of Columbia...and that includes two of the biggest ones. Combined, they represent over 77 million people, or 24% of the entire U.S. population:

If you still missed the deadline, you won't be eligible to enroll for ACA-compliant major medical coverage for the rest of the year unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) due to a qualify life event lke getting married/divorced, moving, giving birth/adopting a child, turning 26, becoming ineligible for Medicaid or losing your employer-sponsored health insurance coverage.

Note: There's a ton of junk plans and scam artists out there, especially these days. Fraudulent plans are being hawked endlessly via both robocalls, spam emails and fly-by-night websites. If you're enrolling online, make sure to use one of the official ACA exchange websites listed above.

You can also enroll in ACA-compliant policies directly via the insurace carrier's website as well, but the only way to be eligible for ACA tax credits is if you enroll on-exchange.


Again, the plans, pricing and tax credits you may be eligible for can change dramatically from year to year even if nothing significant changed at your end (income, household size, etc).

That means that anyone who doesn't log into their account at HealthCare.Gov,, etc. enter their current information and actively pick the plan they want next year could end up missing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars in financial help, a better-value plan, or both.

Therefore, I'll say it again: SHOP AROUND!