Back on March 24th, a couple of hours after Paul Ryan pulled the House GOP's first ACA repeal vote, I posted the following:

CELEBRATE A FEW HOURS. Then come back and read this.

TRUMP'S PLAN B: Do everything he can to sabotage the ACA, then blame Democrats.​

... there's the other doomsday possibilities, like Trump issuing an executive order stopping payment on CSR reimbursement payments to carriers.

I'll be addressing all of this and much more in the near future, of course, including my own suggestions for how the ACA should be changed to repair/improve the situation.

For the moment, however, I'm very tired, it's a beautiful Friday afternoon, and I'm going to go play with my kid for a few hours. I think I've earned it.

...and included this clip from the underrated film "Dead Again":

At the time, my warning that the GOP's repeal effort was "far from over" was referring to the "Sabotage the hell out of the ACA & try to pin the blame on Dems" strategy. And I've been proven correct about that as well, of course.

What I wasn't referring to, however, was the other thing which happened: Paul Ryan & the House GOP slapped an extra $8 billion into the mix, allowed pre-existing conditions to be waived by the states, and used that fig leaft as an excuse to go ahead and squeak the AHCA bill through the House after all just 5 weeks later.

In short, the announcement just a few minutes ago that Mitch McConnell is delaying the Senate vote on their version of Trumpcare (BCRAP) is almost certainly going to follow the exact same playbook: He'll throw some money around, make a few tweaks to the bill to make it slightly "less mean" (or potentially even more mean, but in a way that makes it less obvious)...and then try to push it through in another week or so when everyone's guard is down.

Worse yet, next week is the Fourth of July, so lots of peole will be distracted with barbecues, picnics and the like.

If you care about preserving the ACA and not letting Medicaid be slashed for millions, don't let this happen again. If they do this, it'll go back to the House where they'll sign off on the Senate version exactly as is and it'll be signed by Trump within days if not hours.