Nobody likes them. Everybody hates them. Guess they'll go eat worms.

This lede by Noam Levey in the L.A. Times today is a hell of a thing:

As they race to repeal large parts of the Affordable Care Act, President-elect Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are leaving behind nearly everyone but their base voters and a handful of conservative activists.

Not a single major organization representing patients, physicians, hospitals or others who work in the nation’s healthcare system backs the GOP’s Obamacare strategy.

New polls also show far more Americans would like to expand or keep the healthcare law, rather than repeal it.

Even many conservative health policy experts caution that the emerging Republican plan, which calls for a vote in January to roll back insurance coverage followed by a lengthy period to develop a replacement, could be disastrous.

He goes on to document just a handful of the organizations screaming from the rooftops what an utter disaster repealing the ACA without a reasonable replacement plan already in place would be:

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network last week sent a letter to congressional leaders urging them not to repeal large parts of the healthcare law without first developing replacement legislation that guarantees patients the same protections.

...Last week, the American Academy of Actuaries warned in a letter to House lawmakers that many insurers are likely to pull back from state marketplaces even if the effective date of a repeal is delayed.

...Similar warnings have come from the Republican insurance commissioner of Iowa and some leading conservative critics of the current law, such as James Capretta of the American Enterprise Institute and John Goodman of the Texas-based Goodman Institute.

...“Any new reform proposal should not cause individuals currently covered to become uninsured,” cautioned Dr. Andrew W. Gurman, president of the American Medical Assn., the nation’s largest physicians’ group.

...Even major industry groups that have been most vocal with complaints about Obamacare and opposed it when it was enacted, including the main health insurance trade association, America’s Health Insurance Plans, are not backing the repeal campaign.

Oh, and of course there's the public at large: Both the Pew and KFF polls find only 39% / 26% of the public respectively wants the ACA repealed.

In short: Pretty much everyone other than Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans agrees that the ACA needs improvements and enhancements, but doesn't want it repealed and warns of an utter disaster if it's repealed without a decent replacement in hand.

How many different ways can this be stated?