I guess I was too hard on Bernie's healthcare plan not being detailed enough.

Donald Trump on this morning's This Week with George Stephanopolous:

STEPHANOPOULOS: You say that Ted Cruz is a liar, but you have said that you want everyone to be covered on health care and the government is going to pay for it. How is that not ObamaCare?

TRUMP: I want people takes -- that's true. I want people taken care of. I have a heart. I want people taken care of. If people have no money, we have to help people. But that doesn't mean single payer. It means we have to help people.

STEPHANOPOULOS: How do you do it?

TRUMP: We'll work something out. 


(OK, I admit I left out some of Trump's blather before/after; feel free to click the link for his "fully detailed" response).