Idaho: 95K QHPs confirmed...and it looks like some pre-purging going on there as well?

Your Health Idaho has only issued one official enrollment data press release to date, back on 12/18, when they reported "over 93,000" private policy selections.

There was one additional update via the HHS Dept's ASPE report, which reported exactly 96,662 QHPs as of 12/26/15, which seems about right given that it included 8 extra days.

Since then, there's been nothing out of Idaho...until today, when they reported:

BOISE, Idaho – The deadline to get health insurance coverage through Your Health Idaho is just days away. If you want health insurance for 2016 you must enroll by January 31. Already, more than 95,000 Idahoans have selected health insurance plans through the state’s health insurance exchange.

Since this number is over 1,600 lower than the ASPE report had it at a month earlier, I'm assuming that, like and HealthSourceRI, Your Health Idaho is also doing some "pre-purging" of enrollees who didn't actually pay their January premiums and were therefore culled from the total.

By all rights, Idaho's gross QHP selection total should really be up to around 100,000 or higher by now; if that's the case, that would suggest around 5,000 or so being purged, or 5%, which sounds about right to me.

Anyway, my target for Idaho this year is 110,000, which is right in between their own official target of 102K - 115K, so they're still at around 86% of that even after being shaved down around 1,600 people.