Quickly: Maryland Data Dump, DC & MA Tax Time Updates, ID Tech Issues

I'm expecting final official #OE2 enrollment reports from Massachusetts and Minnesota later today, but otherwise have to catch up on a bunch of my actual day job work. Here's three quick things to note:

MARYLAND: The Maryland Health Connection has released a big slideshow PDF with a mountain of demographic info. The only gripe I have is that it only runs through 2/15, so doesn't include the extra folks who signed up during the #ACAOvertime period. Data nerds, rejoice!!

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA & MASSACHUSETTS: As of this morning, 46 states have announced some sort of special 2015 Tax Season enrollment period, although Connecticut is a bit vague about the exact start date and Hawaii seems reluctant to make a formal public announcement about theirs. Today I've learned that the DC Health Link won't be voting on whether to add a tax season period until March 9th. Louise Norris has also noted that while 4 of the 5 holdouts to date (CO, DC, ID and RI) are likely to cave at some point, Massachusetts could be the only state not to do so because they've already had #RomneyCare there for years and have been assessing tax penalties for non-coverage since 2008.

IDAHO: Finally, Idaho, whose #ACAOvertime period has already passed, is having some technical issues preventing people who are still enrolling via Qualifying Life Changes (marriage, divorce, giving birth, etc.) from completing the process.

I should also note that Idaho is still the only state which hasn't updated their enrollment data since way back on January 17th. Any day now, guys...