Connecticut: 110K QHPs, 162K Medicaid, #ACATaxTime announced

Last week, Access Health CT released a rough enrollment update (103K QHPs), but that only ran through 2/ didn't include the final 2 days of the official open enrollment period.

Today, as promised, at their board meeting, they gave the full, official update which includes the final weekend:

.@AccessHealthCT making #CT healthier.2nd open enrollment exceeded expectations. 204,358 signed up for healthcare.

— Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman (@LGWyman) February 23, 2015

OK, that includes both QHPs and Medicaid/CHIP enrollment...

CT is a national leader. Total enrollment through @AccessHealthCT 552,603. Workforce, economy, families are stronger

— Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman (@LGWyman) February 23, 2015

OK, that includes total ACA exchange enrollments, which were 536,436 as of 2/ there have been another 16,167 added to QHPs + Medicaid since then...

Update 2:20pm: Hmmmm...ok, the Twitter feed stopped posting updates, and they still haven't posted an actual press release, but the Hartford Courant has the numbers I"m looking for:

Since the exchange first opened as a place for people to shop online for medical coverage, 110,095 people have purchased health plans sold by insurance companies and 442,508 enrolled in government-funded Medicaid for low-income individuals and families. In other words, 4 in 5 enrollees became Medicaid recipients.

OK, there it is: 110,095, up some 7,000 more over the final weekend.

The Medicaid number is a bit trickier, because that 442K figure includes both traditional Medicaid as well as ACA expansion, so I'm not sure what to do with it yet.

In addition, as expected...

Additionally, Access Health CT's CEO, James Wadleigh, said there will be a month-long special enrollment period for people who are learning for the first time that they face a tax penalty for not having health coverage. That special enrollment period is likely to available in April, but firm dates are not available yet.

UPDATED: OK, this CTPost article gives the Medicaid number I'm looking for as well:

During the 2015 open enrollment season, 162,494 people enrolled in Medicaid and 41,864 were enrolled into private plans.