Maryland: Over 76K Total; est. 43K QHPs, 33K Medicaid

The Maryland exchange just tweeted out a rough total enrollment number: 76K. It isn't broken out between commercial policies and Medicaid, but based on the trend until now it looks like it should be roughly a 56/44 split, or around 43,000 QHPs & 33,000 Medicaid/CHIP enrollees:

76000 Marylanders have enrolled in less than a month said @drJoshS. Took 4 months to reach that last year

— MD Health Connection (@MarylandConnect) December 11, 2014

I'll update this if the hard numbers are provided.

UPDATE: OK, this isn't an update to the above number, but it does include some useful data from a few days earlier:

About a quarter of Maryland residents who need to re-enroll in the state’s health insurance marketplace to get their correct subsidies by Jan. 1 have done so, Maryland officials said Wednesday. Now, they are urging the rest of roughly 66,000 individuals who enrolled earlier to sign up again before next week’s deadline to get coverage by the first of the year.

...As of Monday, about 65,325 residents had enrolled since the second enrollment period began, either in private plans or Medicaid. About 37,000 of them have enrolled in private plans.

Again, that's from Monday, not today.

So: 66K potential renewals, of which "about a quarter" have done so...that's around 16,500 renewals. Since there were 37,000 QHP enrollments total, that means Maryland is one of the only states so far in which new enrollments are higher than renewals so far (about a 45/55 split).

Not a huge thing, and that ratio could easily have changed in just the past few days, but interesting nonetheless.