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A few odds and ends as we wait for the exit polls enrollment figures to come in...

Covered California starts "triage" program: This will negatively impact the 3/31 total, but will allow even more people to enroll during the extension period:

Facing a flood of interest, the Covered California exchange plans to prevent some consumers from finishing their Obamacare enrollment so others can start the sign-up process to meet Monday's deadline.

Californians were waiting in line for hours Monday to get coverage and heavy consumer traffic was slowing down the state's exchange website at coveredca.com. Overall, health plan enrollment through Covered California surpassed more than 1.2 million by early Monday.

Peter Lee, executive director of Covered California, said the state plans to log off some online applicants to make room for other consumers to use the website. The state will tell people that they have until April 15 to complete their application.

Fortunately, as I noted earlier, HC.gov seems to be taking up the slack...

Healthcare.Gov updates their site traffic again: Over 1.6 million visitors as of 2pm (which includes the 6 hour outage this morning and the 1.5 hour outage this afternoon!):

Record traffic continues before tonight's deadline. 1.6M+ visits (2pm) to http://t.co/oZaZC4p00C and 840k+ calls (4pm). #GetCoveredNow

— HealthCare.gov (@HealthCareGov) March 31, 2014

This is absolutely stunning. Again, they reported 2 million visits on Friday & Saturday combined, which resulted in over 160K enrollments on Sunday (assume perhaps 130K on Saturday?).

If the visitors / enrollments ratio is an accurate measurement, then HC.gov could hit 2.5 - 3 million visitors by midnight...which could mean as many as 200,000 enrollments today alone...only from HC.gov.

A contributor noted another interesting passage at the end of that amazing LA Times/Rand Corp. Survey story from earlier today:

Around Philadelphia, Independence Blue Cross has more than doubled its customers since last year. The company's New Jersey subsidiary, AmeriHealth New Jersey, has seen a nearly sevenfold increase.

Some insurers are finding that most of the new customers are coming through direct sales to individuals, not the law's new marketplaces. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, for example, says more than 90% of its sales have not been on the state marketplace. Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the dominant insurer in Iowa and South Dakota, is seeing growth, even though it elected to stay off the marketplaces this year.

I wonder what Megan McArdle and Avik Roy think of this?

Finally, this is a thing of beauty:

Republicans know @charles_gaba has perpetrated a fraud w/ his #Obamacare #s. So I helped them out. #UnskewObamacare http://t.co/UooCqXBDj6

— Mike Nellis (@MikeNellis) March 31, 2014